Often parents are confused between CBSE and ICSE. Which board to choose? What are the differences between the CBSE and ICSE? Which board will be better for the development of the student? These and lot many questions are there to haunt us parents. You will find here the most comprehensive set of answers to these questions. Here we will focus on comparison between CBSE and CISCE (ICSE) boards along 6 critical dimensions.

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Central Board Of Secondary Education Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

1. Prevalence

CBSE board is more popular of the two (CBSE vs ICSE (CISE)) by a huge margin.

Followed by 12000 + schools Followed by 3000 + schools

2. Schools outside India

CBSE takes the cake over ICSE (CISCE). CBSE schools, titled CBSE videsh can be found in Middle East,South Africa and even in some European countries. So you can move countries without significant disruption of education for your kid.

3. Course content

Focus on science and math with lots of attention paid to application of knowledge. Focus on Language, Arts and Science.
Volume of syllabus is less. Syllabus is vast.
Level of difficulty is less. High level of difficulty.

4. Competitions and Scholarship exams

Pre-Medical, Joint Entrance Examination and all the talent search and scholarship exams are based on CBSE syllabus.

5. Recognition by colleges in India

Recognized by Government of India Not Recognized by Government of India
Central Government body Private body
CBSE is a board ICSE is not a board

However, both the boards are recognized by most universities and colleges across India.

6. Teaching Methodology

Active Learning - Learning through experience and experimentation. Project based - learning by doing

Other Factors to consider irrespective of Board for selection of any school:

Both these boards CBSE and ICSE have their own advantages and disadvantages. Parents have to choosethe board for their children based up on what future you aspires for your child.

Parents always have concern with quality of education. You should identify the best school for your child who will give him quality education. Which means for you selecting right school should be on priority instead of selecting right board for your child.